Menopause Masterclass

Menopause Masterclass

Menopause Masterclass

Learn to Master Your Menopause

The Menopause Masterclass is designed to educate you on one of the most transformational times of your life and to equip you with 5 steps to transition into menopause naturally. Whether you are in a full storm of symptoms knocking you off your feet, or you wonder if you are in perimenopause, this master class will give you the knowledge and tools to take control of your symptoms by identifying the root causes. Together, we will talk about how to work with your body naturally and eliminate birth control and other hormone replacement therapy treatments that mask your symptoms and even cause harmful side effects.

Menopause Masterclass

In just 8 weeks, you will master the challenges you have been experiencing due to hormonal imbalances and be an expert in your own health management.

What's included:

🗓️ 8 week course
💻 Weekly webinars
☎️ 1:1 Coaching & support
Q&A sessions

How to Register

Book a free call with me to evaluate your readiness for the menopausal program. I am looking to see if we are the right fit, and if you are ready to do the work. The only question you need to ask yourself is, “Do I want to be in my best health after menopause?” If yes, book now and let’s chat.

Not ready to commit to an 8 week course?

1:1 Coaching with Dr. Marnie

Learn more about Dr. Marnie

◯ No pressure
◯ Tailored to your budget
◯ Book one session or several sessions, it’s up to you.

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Join the Facebook group and get access to:

◯ Educational posts
◯ Hormone education
◯ Support with insomnia, fatigue, how to stabilize your mood and more.

The group is filled with valuable, proven, evidence-based information and members who can support you through the transitions of menopause. Together, you will learn how to flourish in the world in a whole new way.