This is what our clients are saying:

Dr. Marnie is a God send! She is very knowledgeable, spends time with her patients (not “only 10 minutes and 1 complaint per appointment”), and listens to what the patient is actually saying. She connects the dots from your medical history and doesn’t just treat the symptom you have at the moment. I went in 2.5yrs ago and I am feeling a lot better than when I started. I was stuffed up all the time (I have had allergic episodes and been to 4 different Allergists and made to feel like these things were all in my head b/c all the tests came back negative. They all made me feel like I was wasting their time.), feeling sluggish, foggy brained, breaking out in pimples if I took over the counter vitamins, etc., and a whole lot of other symptoms. She started me off with a liver detox, a yeast detox, and she suggested food sensitivity testing. I did these things and started feeling better. After the food sensitivity testing, I found out that I was eating a lot of things that were not so good for me. I cut out as much of these foods as possible, and without trying I have lost 20lbs and have kept it off! She takes the time to explain things. I feel like I’ve had better medical advice from her than the 40yrs of GPs. I finally don’t feel like I’m crazy; that I do have real symptoms, and it’s not all in my head. Thanks, Dr. Marnie and staff. You’re all great!
Dr. Marnie is very knowledgeable and caring. I have been dealing with some pretty debilitating health issues for a few years now and have seen several naturopaths in the process (4 of them). Of all my naturopaths, I feel that Dr. Marnie’s approach to solving my illness is the most focused and aligns best with the type of care I am looking for.She explains to you the reasons why she does everything does and asks for your input on what you feel is the best approach to take. Her logic makes sense and her approach isn’t too weak or too strong, unlike other naturopaths I have been to (some of which charge double the price for the same diagnostic tests).She takes your questions and concerns seriously and looks into any options you bring up to see if they will help.She has (on numerous occasions) gone above and beyond what I would have expected my naturopath to do for me.She truly wants to do everything she can to help you get better; regardless of whether she will make less money from doing so.I highly recommend Dr. Marnie. The staff at Gaia Health has always been amazing as well.

I take great passion in being the best I can be as a person. Physically, mentally, spiritually I work at being better and better each day. My Naturopath Doctor, Marnie Wachtler has been a huge influence on my health, and results this year and I want to thank her personally for assisting me in my personal goals.
Thank you so much for accommodating (us) and for all the extra work you do for him. We really appreciate the time and caring you put into (Our) treatment. We are very grateful for the extra time reading, consulting other doctors and labs that you do. When I was searching for a naturopath I had a good feeling about you and I always trust my feelings. They did not disappoint me. I am not usually a mushy person, but you are much more than a doctor to us. You listened to us when no one else would. You answered all of my questions and never once dismissed any of them or my research. You care.
Dr Marnie Is great she has been an asset to our family needs! Her hormonal health knowledge and digestive remedies helped me a tonne!
Since seeing Dr Marnie I have had 2 outstanding experiences. I started off by meeting Dr Marnie to discuss dental health and its relationship to dental materials and root canals. It was a very fruitful conversation . Secondly our conversation drifted to issues I deal with which is high blood pressure. After already taking 3 different meds and it still going up she suggested Hibiscus. I have been on it for 2 weeks and just recently I have come down a lot. That’s a major celebration for me.
Dr. Frank G