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About Gaia Health Care & Initial Visits

About Gaia Health Care- Direct Billing Available!

At Gaia Health Care we are committed to providing each person with the personalized, quality health care they deserve.  

We invite you to become a part of your health care plan and to work with our licensed Naturopathic Doctor to treat

the root cause of your health concerns.

We have been providing personalized, compassionate care for Calgarians since 2006 and have seen over 5,500 patients.

Check out the naturopathic services  we provide to help you meet your wellness goals including full array of  laboratory services.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please get in touch.

We look forward to seeing you in the clinic very soon!

Fee Schedule

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Initial Consultation


 60 minutes


30 minutes*




Return Consultation 




Vitamin B 12 Injeciton

45 minutes

30 minutes


15 minutes

5 minutes

$ 55.00


Intravenous vitamin therapy  45 minutes+ $150.00+

 *A 30 minute initial consult is offered to patients who’s insurance does not provide you with full coverage for a 60 min appointment. Check your insurance plan for your specific details.

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What To Expect in an Initial Visit

Your initial visit is approximately 1 hour long. During this time, Dr. Marnie Wachtler,  will take your personal health history,  perform a physical examination and design a preliminary treatment program to target your future health goals.

Our initial visit is an extremely valuable insight into your physical & mental condition, and affords a real conversation about your wants & needs.  

We invite you to visit the Our Approach tab to read about each doctor, or call the clinic to determine which doctor you might be best suited to work with.

Next, please feel free visit the Clinic Services tab to find out which modalities and services we have at our disposal to aid you in your quest for health.

We will email you a Patient Intake Form after you have booked and we would like you to fill it out before your first appointment.

Don’t lose your Data: Avoid filling out the form in the browser and then saving it as your responses will be deleted. Rather open the form in Adobe Reader first, fill it out, and then use the Email Form option in the top right corner.

Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions.